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How does it work?

Who is Policy Pro for?

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Legal & Compliance

Our chatbot is an adaptable AI that can provide instant guidance. It leverages your company's existing PDF SOPs to extract policy and procedure information, enabling it to provide real-time answers to queries posed by a wide range of employee users.

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Jake, 35

"As a new employee, a 500+ page Standard Operating Procedure is hard to sift through in the moment. This chatbot makes it super simple."

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Suzanne, 26

"This is saving me a lot of time and stress, no longer having to ask my manager little policy questions throughout the day."

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When is Policy Pro going to be available?

We are working hard behind the scenes to make something our moms are proud of. We anticipate our first release to be in late 2023.

Who can access my standard operating procedures?

Only verified employees who have an email address ending in your company's whitelisted URLs can access your private chatbot instance. You can also set up additional whitelisting for specific email addresses at your company.

What information does Policy Pro's chatbot use to answer questions?

Our AI will only use information from the PDF that your company has uploaded. It will not use outside information from the web or other companies.

What document types does Policy Pro support?

You can upload your Standard Operating Procedures in PDF format.

How much does Policy Pro cost?

Although pricing hasn't been announced, Policy Pro pricing will scale with the size of the business, and be calculated based on the numbers of users. Plans will be charged monthly. Businesses on the waitlist will be given 50% off their first year.

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